​On a small bed 

In a small house

In her mothers arms 

She whispered her dreams; 

A house of her own

A job of her own

A family of her own

An identity of her own 
On a sofa 

In a big hall

With books 

And awards of her own 

She sat with her daughter in her arms 

Listening to her loudly declare her dreams to the world 



A soulmate,

They say 

Is your other half 

A person you spend your whole life looking for 

A person who has been your every breath since the moment you were born 

And when you meet them,

You will finally be complete 

But they all have it so wrong 

You don’t live your life hunting down a person 

You merely live your life your own way 

Making your own choices

Reading a book you will come to love 

Making a friend that will teach you so much 

Going up on stage in front of a billion people and embarrassing yourself 

Writing down your first story

By doing all these things 

You become your own person 

And then one day,

If you are lucky enough

You’ll meet this person

Who too read that same book and loved it

And something will just click 

And voilà! You’ve found your soulmate in a person 

But if you are luckier 

You will realise that people loved your story 

And even though you embarrassed yourself 

The stage made you feel wonderful

And you will find your soulmate in yourself through a pen or a stage or even a brush or an instrument

And if you find your soulmate in both,

Another person and yourself 

You should consider yourself the luckiest person alive 



Once, as a kid I came running to my mother

And screamed “I want to fly like you!”

This statement obviously left her confused 

But that’s how I saw her

She was my superhero 

And no,

It wasn’t because she came home from work and cooked and then took my studies or whatever 


It was because she had always managed to stay strong

No matter what the circumstance

Even if she were to hold the sky like atlas, a single hair wouldn’t grey 

To me my mother was the strongest and most amazing person alive 

But now, 

I’ve grown and I can see through the mist of innocence

I can see her weeping in silence 

And it’s fine 

Because everyone deserves a moment of weakness 

And even in this moment 

She’s flying 

So yes I stick by my statement 

I want to fly like my mother


In The Deep Woods 

​In the deep woods

We met,

Where we became close friends 
In the deep woods

We were warriors 

Where we fought against monsters for days on end 
In the deep woods

We saw storms 

From which we protected each other 
In the deep woods 

We promised,

To always be together 

To never let go 
Until, you let go of my hand

And entered the real world 

Where you met the evil,

Embraced it 

And let it slowly kill you

In the deep woods

I stand stranded 

All alone.


Train of Thought 

A little girl with two pony tails,

I went to school

But no one played with me.

I missed my home,

I began to cry 

And did not stop anytime soon 

A little older,

I went to a new school. 

I knew no one there,

I couldn’t breathe,

I was scared.

In an unknown place,

I joined a sports team.

I made friends there,

But I was still scared,

Did they really like me? 

The question always bothered me.

The fears would never stop

My mind would never stop thinking 

I was almost always scared 

But then,

My hands met yours

And you became the only calmness I ever knew of.



Lay on her bed 

Face; tear stained 

Pulled a blanket over her body,

It had suddenly gotten cold

And dark too.

She curled up inside her blanket,

Black hooded figures hovering above her.

She wanted to fall asleep,

And never wake up again. 

Just then, 

Her phone rang,

Grumbling she answered it.

A familiar voice said, “Hello.”

And the voice must have been magic,

The figures disappeared.

The room got brighter, warmer.

And her face lit up!



One day,
A boy  wrote four words

He showed it to no one 

No one saw it 

Nobody knew of its existence 
One day,

A boy had a thought 

He told no one

No one heard it

Nobody knew if its existence 

One day,

A boy kissed a girl 

They told no one 

No one came to know 

Nobody knew of its existence 

One day, 

A boy died 

He told no one 

No one saw

No one heard 

No one came to know

Nobody knew of his existence 


He did not cease to exist

He lived forever 

In those four words,

In that thought,

In that kiss,

He lived forever.