In the scorching sun,
We stand outside our school gate
We wait
And wait
And wait
Until finally our bus arrives
It is white in colour
With a black top
When you see it you will say,
“This is a bus?? It looks like its gonna break any second”
And yes, it does look like that
And yes, we are terrified it actually might one day

On the way home
As we all discuss how the bus could break
Or crash somewhere
The talkative girl with blue in her hair says, “What if these are the last 7 minutes of our life?”
There’s a silence in the bus for a minute
Until the annoying guy with a funny bone breaks it by saying,
“Yeah. What if the floor just breaks?”
(Yes, the bus is THAT bad)
And we all continue to discuss the different ways we could die in

We talk
And somehow, still complain and whine that we want to reach home
We discuss what we want to do once we get home
Or what food is waiting for us

And then,
All of a sudden
… the bus stops

My stop arrives
I say bye to my friends
Without looking back
Dying to go home and eat and fall on my bed
Without realising that this will all be over soon
Just like our bus trip
We’ll complain and complain about school

And then again,
Just like that

It will be over. Just like that



The Story of Three Boys

This is the story of three boys
Imagine them as you want
Scrawny, buff, tall, short
Their appearance is not what matters
What matters is what happened to them today
Today they all walked out of their house with a mission and smile on
their face

First the first boy
His mission for today was hard
He stood in front of the counter of an art shop
People all around him
“Excuse me”
He whispered once
“Excuse me”
“Excuse me”
The shopkeeper didn’t hear him
He heaved a sigh and walked out of the shop
He had failed his mission for today

Second the second boy
His mission for today was hard
He stood in front of the girl he loved
No one around them
“Tell her”
He thought once
“Tell her”
“Tell her”
He smiled
And said nothing
He had failed his mission for today

Third the third boy
His mission for today was hard
It was the same everyday
He stood in front of a crowded street
With balloons in his hand
He asked people to buy them
Until it was too dark
He looked at his empty hands
He had failed his mission for today

Now, all three with their heads lowered
Smiles gone
Stood shoulder to shoulder
Not knowing but feeling the others failure.
Knowing they were not alone,
Their heads popped up
And they smiled at the strangers beside them.

Who knew that the crowded bus at the end of their day would be their elixir?



A little scared caterpillar

I walked into school

My short hair neatly combed


I built my cocoon

Safe and cozy


It was time for me to leave

And I put on my armour

My armour of the values nanalu taught us through all the years

I put on my thinking cap

And I flapped my wings

Always looking back

But never ever daring to take off my armour or cap


New Light

All alone on a play ground, I sat 

Kids all around me

I could hear voices and laughter 

Which all seemed like they were pointed at me

I hid my face

I hid my voice 

I hid my name

I hid 

I hid

I hid
Until one day,

I looked up into a window 

A new light hitting me from an unknown yet known place 

I stared at my reflection,

For hours 

For days 

For months

I stared 

I stared

I stared 
Until one day,

The reflection smiled and it didn’t seem that bad

That day I walked out into the beaming sunlight 

With my face held up high

My voice screaming at its top,

Telling everyone my name

Never daring to hide again


Magic bond

A 10 year old;

Gone to a new school,

All alone with no friends 

A 16 year old; 

Holding a broken heart 

Weeping on the inside 

A 21 year old;

Flunking college,

Lost in life 

A 31 year old;

Divorved recently 

Weeping on the inside just like the 16 year old

A 45 year old; 

Working for 20 years,

Yet, as lost as the 21 year old 

A 60 year old;


Going crazy with boredom 
All these people

Sitting in one room 

These problems not spoken of 

Or even understood 

But something about that night,

That room,

And those people was magical

For all their problems were forgotten in that time 



​On a small bed 

In a small house

In her mothers arms 

She whispered her dreams; 

A house of her own

A job of her own

A family of her own

An identity of her own 
On a sofa 

In a big hall

With books 

And awards of her own 

She sat with her daughter in her arms 

Listening to her loudly declare her dreams to the world 



A soulmate,

They say

Is your other half

A person you spend your whole life looking for

A person who has been your every breath since the moment you were born

And when you meet them,

You will finally be complete

But they all have it so wrong

You don’t live your life hunting down a person

You merely live your life your own way

Making your own choices

Reading a book you will come to love

Making a friend that will teach you so much

Going up on stage in front of a billion people and embarrassing yourself

Writing down your first story

By doing all these things

You become your own person

And then one day,

If you are lucky enough

You’ll meet this person

Who too read that same book and loved it

And something will just click

And voilà! You’ve found your soulmate in a person

But if you are luckier

You will realise that people loved your story

And even though you embarrassed yourself

The stage made you feel wonderful

And you will find your soulmate in yourself through a pen or a stage or even a brush or an instrument

And if you find your soulmate in both,

Another person and yourself

You should consider yourself the luckiest person alive